Dear Croatia, We’ll Sea Each Other Again


Seaside on Brac island

October 2015: Highlight of my month is plunking down a deposit to join Remote Year.

October 2016: Highlights of my month include hopping among Croatian islands, walking the old city walls of Dubrovnik, and taking my work breaks in the Adriatic Sea.


The water is this clear everywhere and it’s amazing

We landed in Split via the only chartered flight I’ll ever take in my life, so Month 10 was off to a good start before we left Belgrade. Then we arrived at our new home, a massive 3-bedroom apartment. Then I woke up and saw the sea sparkling from our porch window.


About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, so it’s almost impressive that RY3 managed to spend 7 months in landlocked cities before a seaside break in Croatia. I had never lived near the ocean and was excited for sunshine and swimming.

Living in Split was a breath of fresh air after the rest of Europe — literally. I loved Belgrade, but I also secondhand-smoked at least two packs a day. The city was a cigarette, albeit a very fun and interesting one.

I am super behind on blog posts and don’t really know how else to do this, so today I present you with the highlights of my Croatian month. These are mostly photos because 1. I can’t do justice to Croatia’s beauty and 2. it’s late and I’m exhausted.


Just your average sunrise run in Split

Clean water and perfect sunsets: The Adriatic Sea has spoiled me for life. Before Croatia, I never bothered bringing goggles into seawater because nothing was visible (what’s good, Jersey Shore).

This month, I went out and bought goggles because the water in Croatia is so pristine, I could see the ocean floor 20 feet away. I’m still not over how crystal-clear it was. The water was chilly in October but that didn’t stop me from packing a bathing suit with my laptop every day.

Also, the sunsets looked like this:


Plitvice: I wanted to see Plitvice Lakes National Park long before Remote Year and was so excited to finally go! We turned this adventure into a road trip, complete with pounds of snacks and bad music, and also drove through Krka National Park and the sea organ in Zadar, Croatia on our way.

Plitvice exceeded my high expectations. Our hike (trail C, in case you’re going) took us on a 5-6 hour journey through gorgeous turquoise lakes and fall foliage. I took about 5 million pictures. Here is a small sampling:


Croatia is showing off


This is a real thing that I saw in real life


Island hopping: 3 remotes and their wifi hotspot boarded a ferry, sans plans or accommodations, and spent a week on Hvar and Korcula.

Highlights: working seaside/on playgrounds/in cafes, wandering old fortresses, a wine tour that turned into a brandy tasting, countless beautiful views, cave hiking, and getting stranded, which led to partying with locals and befriending a restaurant-owning family who welcomed us into their celebration. Best week of the month, and one of my favorites this year.


Getting a guided wine/brandy tour of Korcula, after we found out the only ferry to Split left at 6AM


Where the Hvar-ty at?


These rocks were my office


That moment when you fall on your face because you’re staring at Korcula

Dubrovnik: Took a ferry to King’s Landing and pretended to be on Game of Thrones for a weekend. We walked around the city walls of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, swam, worked, climbed some fortresses, and ate a lot of Indian food (this reflects a broader Remote Year trend). The Old Town district is cool and 100% worth a trip, but there wasn’t much to see or do outside it. Two days was plenty of time.


Observing the kingdom from my new fortress

Work in Progress: Remote Year built its first co-working space in Split and normally I don’t write much about our workspaces, but I spent a lot of time working/napping/hanging out/eating/drinking here so this is an exception.

WIP was a cozy workspace and it was here I learned how to use an espresso machine, a process that may have resulted in me exploding espresso grounds all over the wall. The best part of WIP was its proximity to the water. My work breaks became swim breaks.

Actually, I lied. The best part of WIP was Willy, our adopted puppy who spent the month hanging out with us at the workspace. Fortunately, he found a home right before we left for Asia!



I loved our month in Split but plan on returning to Croatia in the future. Because we were there at the end of the season, it was quieter and many tourist attractions were closed or closing. I’d love to return for a few weeks during the summer for more boating and island-hopping.


One thought on “Dear Croatia, We’ll Sea Each Other Again

  1. Breathtaking photos!! So glad to know you’re having such wonderful experiences! Stay safe and have fun~before you know it-youll be back to reality. Enjoy!! 💖


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