Hi there, I’m Kelly. On most days you’ll find me working as an editor for InformationWeek.com in New York City. I graduated from Villanova University in 2013 and have been writing about different kinds of technology ever since.

My two non-human loves are running and traveling. I’m happiest when I can combine the two.

Travel is usually on my mind and/or calendar. In March 2016, I will be saying farewell to the U.S. and taking my job on the road with Remote Year. Over 12 months I’ll be working and traveling through South America, Europe and Asia, and detailing the trials and joys of nomad life on this blog.

I got hooked on long-distance running after finishing the Philadelphia half marathon in 2012. Since that first 13.1, I’ve run my first marathon and discovered a love for trail races. I’ll (try to) keep track of the runs and races I do along my travels. I’m hoping to do at least one race on every continent  — let’s see if I can make it happen!

I’m also a shameless coffee addict, master of awful puns, and bookworm who is sad about giving up paperbacks in favor of a more travel-friendly e-reader. I love the outdoors and will take any excuse to hike, bike, swim or do just about anything outside.


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